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Notice to customers: Our website has the https (secure) feature on only one page...the one where you checkout and give us your name, address and credit card information. This saves both of us money.

We offer the Spears brand of schedule40 PVC fittings & schedule80 PVC fittings.

Made in the USA, Spears PVC fittings are the preferred choice of professional plumbers & pipe fitters across America. A more comprehensive and complete PVC fitting source cannot be found. As you browse our site for PVC fittings, you will find a consistant logic to our internet PVC fitting store that makes it very comfortable to use. It is well laid out, simple to use, and as complete as anybody's PVC fitting e-store on the world wide web. We take great pride in being your complete PVC fitting source. We sell only the highest quality Spears brand PVC fittings made in the USA...and at very competitive prices. Providing great customer service along with the sale is another area where we have great pride. Go Here to download, view, or print full line factory catalogs right off your computer.

Over a thousand schedule40 PVC fittings, schedule80 PVC fittings, PVC ball valves, nipples, flanges, and saddles are available on the buyfittingswholesale PVC fittings website.

Shopping is easy!  Simply select from the PVC fitting groups to the right. You can then view & purchase variations of that fitting in both schedule40 & schedule80 fittings using our shopping cart and checkout feature. If you should need a fitting you don't find in our e-store, don't hesitate to contact us and let us explore your needs further. We are willing to special order the fittings a customer might need no matter how unusual. If these special ordered fittings are asked for enough, they will be added to our site permanently.   There are many "tricks of the trade" we will be happy to share with you as we fulfill your fitting requirements. Take the time to explore the links found on the top left hand side of the webpages in our site. Almost everyone who reads our help screens will learn something about the task of pipe fitting they did not know before. Beckers has been a leading pvc fitting distributor in the West Texas area for over 33 years. Our mainstay is the schedule40 & schedule80 PVC fittings but keep checking our e-store as we expand it to include many other fittings in the very near future. After all, huge selections of DWV, S&D, PIP, sewer, brass, galvanized, black, copper, polyethylene, and nylon fittings are already on our warehouse shelves, we just need to place them on the shelves of our e-store for customers to see & buy. It is a labor intensive endeavor, but it is also a "pleasure to serve".

Ordering Notes:

We ask that customers order by box quantity and multiples of box quantity when possible. Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each". We show you how many are in a box so you can order that many when you want a box quantity of any fitting. You will always be ordering fittings by the each, so to order a box of fittings with 10 in a box, you will enter "10" for the quantity.  

Sales tax of 6.75% is charged to Texas customers.
But if you live in Texas and you qualify for tax exempt status for reasons of resale, farm use, government, or non-profit organization
contact us so we can fax or mail you the proper form we need you to fill out & sign. We can then issue you a code number which you will enter at checkout to forgo sales taxes. We can also take your order over the fax, email, or phone instead of using our website shopping cart feature. 

Notes on shipping & sales taxes: 

PVC fittings are light and inexpensive to ship by UPS GROUND to anywhere in the country. UPS freight & handling to your zip code is calculated automatically by our website so you won't get any freight suprises. Rush orders are shipped by UPS next day options.

Warehouse pickup orders or UPS Ground orders which exceed $2,600.00 in fittings get free shipping & handling within the continental USA! 

About multi-piece fitting solutions:

We offer a complete selection of one-piece fitting solutions on our website. By adding bushings, adapters, and other elements to a one-piece fitting there are an endless number of possibilities. To list them all would be impossible, but our customers can build these options with the many schedule40 & schedule80 fittings found on our website. The factory catalog shows some two-piece fitting solutions but we don't list them on our website since you can buy those fittings separetly from us to create them yourself. We think it is a poor practice to ruin two or three fittings by glueing them up into a "multi-piece fitting" thus ending their individual usefulness and availability for any other purpose. 

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Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

Time saving tip: Clicking "Add To Cart" on any fitting will send all the fittings you've ordered on that page to the cart.