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Search by the picture icons on every website page - click picture,
click fitting group, enter quantities, put fittings in cart, then checkout

Search by using the site map "christmas tree" -  click & expand,
choose your fitting group, sub-group, then the fittings you want to order 

Search by sku# - enter the sku# in search window (use dashes)

Search by description - enter complete or partial fitting facts in this order:

1. SIZE (optional)   2. FITTING NAME   3. OUTLETS    4. MATERIAL  

size examples: 1/2"   1"x3/4"   2"   2-1/2" (always use inch symblol) (then leave a space)
whole numbers & fractions are separated by a dash (like 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2-1/2")
reducing fittings will have two sizes, outlet hiearchy determines which is first

nipples also have two sizes, diameter x length - (example: 1/2"xclose, 3/4"x4", 4"x12")

fitting examples: coupling, ell, ell 45, tee, bushing, street ell (then leave a space)

helpful note:
(a reducing bell is a reducing coupling - search for bell reducers by using "red coupling")
(an ell is assumed to be 90 degree, if you want a 45 degree, enter ell (space) 45 (see example above in red)

(click here to see the fitting names page)

outlet examples: S, SF, SSS, MF, SF, SPF, SM, (then leave a space)

(click here to see the abbreviations page)

material examples: pvc40 (for schedule 40 fittings) pvc80 (for schedule 80)

To see all the 45 degree ells that are FPT x FPT, made of schedule 80 pvc material


ell 45 FF pvc80

You will see all the threaded 45 degree ells that are made of schedule 80 material;
choose the fitting you need by clicking on it, then order it.

Sorry, fittings do not necessarily appear in size order during description search method
but they will appear in order when you shop using the picture icons on the right side of the
website pages or the sitemap page expanded view.



Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

Time saving tip: Clicking "Add To Cart" on any fitting will send all the fittings you've ordered on that page to the cart.