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DO IT RIGHTWithin this link is very helpful tips and information which will make a professional pipe fitter out of anyone who can study, learn, and follow instructions. There is no more helpful advice anywhere on proper way to make solvent weld joints and threaded connections.
WHY BUY AMERICAN?Why should customers buy American fittings instead of a less expensive import from China or Taiwan? There are more reasons than you know.
ABBREVIATIONSThe abbreviations and terminology used throughout our website concerning pvc schedule 40 fittings and pvc schedule 80 fittings are presented to the visitors of our fitting store. A few more helpful tips learned from 33 years of handling pvc fititngs are also included in this link.
FITTING NAMESUse this spelling of fittings when you perfom searches using the buyfittingswholesale.com search engine
CHEMICAL RESISTANCEWhat kind of chemicals can you safely put through a PVC fitting? Here is where you can find out - the chemical resistance charts at Spears Mfg Co.
WEIGHTS & DIMENSIONSHow long in inches is that tee you want to buy? How much will a hundred of them weight? Here is where you can find out - at the Spears Mfg Co weights and dimensions data base.
TECHNICAL UPDATESWhat is the latest product, service, technical updates and bulletins from the Spears factory in regards to the world of PVC fittings. Here is where you can read the latest.
HELPFUL LINKSLinks to the factory site for printing of catalogs, information, and more. Also we have placed links on this page that will serve pipe fitters with other helpful recources.

Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

Time saving tip: Clicking "Add To Cart" on any fitting will send all the fittings you've ordered on that page to the cart.