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1. Try getting a defective foreign made fitting replaced under warranty...if the American distributor (or dealer) who sold it to you does not step up to the plate and take care of replacing the fitting at his own expense, who will? Rest assured it won't be anyone in China, Taiwan, Mexico, etc.

2. And when the new fitting is sent to you, expect more trouble because if quality issues are causing you grief with one fitting, there will probably be additional problems with the replacements as well. They were all made at about the same time, by the same crew or shift, with the same batch of materials, and from the same molding block as the first one.

3. How much product liability insurance do you think a foreign manufacturer has put in place to take care of flooded rooms, ruined carpets, buckled floors, and sagging drywall when that fitting failed and blew off of the pipe because it was made off-spec? Once again, the pocketbook that will need to be opened is that of the distributor and/or dealer who was selling these foreign made products.

4. A distributor or dealer who is willing to "bite the bullet" on these problems today, won't be willing to do it tomorrow. Soon, he will move on to selling quality made, trouble free fittings like the Spears brand of fittings. Then you will find yourself on your own when it comes to future fitting problems that arise from those cheap foreign made fittings you have installed over the years.

5. What kind of help, knowledge, information, advice, literature, updated technical bulletins, sales brochures, etc. do you think a foreign manufacturer has printed up and provided you? Hope your distributor and/or dealer can provide for your needs because even if you were able to get any kind of literature, you couldn't read it! 

6. Most foreign made fitting lines are very short on completeness...they only provide the most often 100 or so fittings sold - and only in sizes up to about 2", 4" if you are real lucky. When you place an order for fittings, you need 100% of your list filled, not 90 percent. "Close" only works in horseshoes and hand-grenades. In the fitting business, a devil lurks in the details. Save time, hassle, and money by shopping with a fitting source who can fill 100% of your pvc fitting needs with high quality fittings like the Spears brand of fittings.

7. Most of the foreign made fittings you buy will have an entirely different "feel" about them. That is because "fillers" were added to the resin (a way to mix something with virgin PVC resin to make it go further and make more fittings out of the same amount of resin). Fillers are materials that give the fitting a bit of brittleness, a different kind of feel. These fittings act like they don't want to glue together properly when you prime and glue them. That's because the fillers prevent the chemical reaction of the solvent weld process from happening correctly. These fittings are "glassy" in feel and appearance and the primer and glue cannot "dig in" to the material like it should to make a really good solvent weld joint.

8. Customers who have purchased "economy fittings" in the past are now reading these words with a clearer understanding of why they experienced problems like these - but could not put a finger on what was wrong.


10. Go ahead, get your high-definition TV's, your artificial pre-lit Christmas trees, even your POISONED dog food and your LEAD PAINTED toys from a foreign country if you must, BUT FOR UNCLE SAM'S SAKE, GET YOUR PVC FITTINGS FROM THE USA!

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Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

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