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Utility Ball Valves SS................pvc40 

Utility Ball Valves FF...............pvc40 

(utility ball valves are white in color)
(psi = 150#)


Compact Ball Valves SS............pvc80

Compact Ball Valves FF...........pvc80

(compact heavy body ball valves are gray in color)
(1/2"-2" psi = 235#)
(2-1/2" - 4" psi = 150#)

(click on pvc40 or pvc80 in the valve you need)


An important note about import valves:

We know our customers will be able to find imported
ball valves out there for about 1/2 the price of these
Spears valves - we could offer them too - but we
would NOT be doing our customers a favor.
We traveled that road before and here's what was on it:

No insurance or warranty coverage on most imports

Valves can be so hard to turn that handles snap off

Valves leak through the port when they should be off

Leaking outward into the environment around the stem

The materials, time, labor, and grief required to
replace valves are not worth the savings - replacing
a valve may not be be limited to just one occurance
either...poor quality when found in one valve will
probably be present in the replacements. Valves are
sometimes installed in a compactly built manifold. If
just one valve leaks, they may ALL have to be cut out
and replaced since they are so closely solvent welded

Our advice to customers concerning imported valves is...
...don't go there.


Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

Time saving tip: Clicking "Add To Cart" on any fitting will send all the fittings you've ordered on that page to the cart.