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Tees FFF pvc40
1/2" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-005)BOX QTY 50
3/4" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-007)BOX QTY 50
1" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-010)BOX QTY 50
1-1/4" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-012)BOX QTY 25
1-1/2" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-015)BOX QTY 25
2" tee FFF pvc40 (SKU: 405-020)BOX QTY 10

Fittings are priced, weighed, & ordered by the "each"

Example: To buy a fitting that comes 50 to a box, you will enter a quantity of "50"- and you will pay price shown x 50.  

Time saving tip: Clicking "Add To Cart" on any fitting will send all the fittings you've ordered on that page to the cart.